If we compare the Church in the Book of Acts with the church today, we see obvious differences. The seating, the building, order of worship, the inactive congregation, etc. The truth is, that much of what we do in the church today has nothing to do with the New Testament, but more to do with church tradition.

These traditions started with the first Catholic Church and were passed down to each new denomination that was created with more traditions added. Even though people through the ages have seen the need to reform the Church on specific points, they never reformed all the way, to go back to the Church Jesus created as described in the Book of Acts, which was a living church, 100% about building people, not structures. Every Disciple was activated in Healing, Preaching the Gospel, Baptisms, Deliverance etc.; priests unto God, ministering to souls, with Jesus alone, as High Priest.

We need to return to the pattern of Church that Jesus left us, if we want to walk in His power. We need a new reformation that will change the Church system. Let’s be faithful and chose God’s word over our traditions. Let’s make disciples as Jesus commanded us and let Him build his church as He said He would.

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