Fruitfulness in 2017

Feb 2016 was a turning point for us. The most amazing information landed on a phone – a link to the TLR movie. Now after 10 months, let’s take stock. What do we know clearly now?

We know that the Holy Spirit is so real.
He lives in us believers whether we feel Him or not.
He is the exact same Spirit that was in our Lord Jesus.
He is the same, yesterday today and forever.
He is so real and so available and so eager; waiting for us to lay hands.
Healing is provided for alongside salvation when Jesus went to the whipping post and the cross. They are both important to Jesus because He paid painfully in full for both; hence the bread and wine at communion. Every person on earth has healing and salvation provided already by our Lord Jesus.
Followers of Jesus must minister both healing and salvation, side by side. Preaching salvation without healing, and healing without preaching salvation, are both acts of disobedience.
All believers in Jesus can heal the sick, with a few minutes of instruction.
Healing helps the preaching of the Gospel.
Everything Jesus said so simply in Mark 16: 17-18, is so true!
He commanded us to make disciples, not converts!
Also, Baptism is more than a symbol. It is very powerful and sets people free from all kinds of oppression; free to live the life of disciples.
In the New Testament, baptism was the way into faith. There was no sinner’s prayer. There are many examples in the Bible. People were baptized immediately, still in a state of repentance.
According to Acts 2:38, new believers must genuinely repent, be baptized in water, and receive the Holy Spirit.
When believers are filled with the Holy Spirit, there is a visible evidence of tongues.
Believers should be introduced to the supernatural life as soon as possible.
We need to return to the life of believers shown us clearly in the Book of Acts, just as Jesus intended and began.
And so much more! Fascinating!

Knowing these things, our task this year should be to get this information to believers and help Christians everywhere come into this lifestyle, declaring Jesus with power everywhere. In summary, be a disciple and make disciples as Jesus commanded.
There is no time to lose.

Suggested action points:
Equip ourselves speedily by getting activated, activate other Christians and prayerfully come up with creative ideas to spread this information; to each his own race. You don’t need to wait for anyone. If you haven’t, you need to urgently watch the life changing TLR movie & Pioneer school lessons of The Last Reformation. Connect with us on facebook (the last reformation Nigeria) and lets know if we can help you come into this lifestyle. I pray that God will give us the wisdom to know the truth and willing hearts to obey Him.
Let the name of Jesus be magnified! Have a very fruitful year!

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